Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 1

Capt.Vibhute & Capt.Muduli 
pilot vessel day and night lights and shapes, track line search, gyro - 300 mag-306 gyro fail, what course do you steer? (trick question. Same as magnetic compass course. If course changed or chart change, recalculate compass error), vessel aground, lights and immediate actions. Various situations.
Muduli - Nuc stbd bow and you are cbd-action? Lateral and preferred channel bouys cards in region b. Wants to hear all in right order. Card of daylight signal of dredger shown with obstruction and safe side. Wants to hear as per the card order.Passage planning from Gulf of aden to singapore, questions on publications, ASD ,Guide to port entry.Gyro 210 Mag 215 Variation 2E, Gyro fail action, Calculate compass error.Turning circle, advance, transfer, pivot point, tactical diameter, RULE 34, 35,19,18,17,13.many cards and situations abt cbd, nuc, rv,tss,bank cushion and suction effect.Squat, Course recorder, Dangerous semicircle
  1)Lights (Fishing v/l, Towing v/l more than 50m & length of tow exceeds 200m, Trawler, Pilot v/l, v/l aground).
            a)Fishing v/l ahead with gear extending 150m on her stbd side your action
            b)Towing v/l crossing from port side & radar inoperational your immediate action & as per which rule
             c) Trawler crossing from stbd side your action according to which rule
             d) a v/l aground seen right ahead your immediate actions
3)Explain with diagram Interaction between ship.
4)Contents of IAMSAR Vol.3
5)Explain with diagram Parallel Track Search & how do you calculate the track space?
6)Say what information you get from the Deviation card onboard.
7)Gyro failure then how will you navigate if:
a)Gyro hdg: 300 deg, Magnetic:306 deg, Variation: 2 deg(W)
b)In the very next chart Variation: 2deg(E)
8)What is compass error? How do you calculate compass error onboard?

9)How to calculate compass error onboard.
Capt.J B singh
body is at SE n thn S n thn SW, hw u wil tk Az, iamsar, content of almanac, he asked me why mag north and south are 180 degree apart and when I answered he cross questioned which poles are closer to each other, ROR annex, 1 RAM card, publications updates n chart updates.

difference between long by chron and intercept,spring and neap tide, how many lunar eclipse in one year. whad does away and near mean in intercept, altitude of sun in bbay how will you find roughly not by calculation, colreg contents, rule ten in own words, which vessel can violate tss(ans ram), What are circumpolar bodies and conditions for a body to be circumpolar, 
In a vsl with right hand propellor if u put rudder hard over to bth sides,which side will hav the smaller turning circle and why?How many rules and annexes are there and wat do u mean by exemptions? Asked me to tell the title of each rule, When did ROR come into force and what was there before ROR. which rules were followed for collision avoidance before COLREGS?
Wat is the present declination of mumbai?              
How do u calculate lat by mer alt without almanac?
Wat is GC and when will you carry out GC sailing
What is the angle between magnetic north and magnetic south? What is the reason for the angle to not be 180 ?
Wat do u make out when i say that a body is in NE,SE,SW and NW quadrant?
Open sea u see a distress signal, action?

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