Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 3 part 4

1. What info you get from stability booklet with relation to draft (he didn't want to hear contents)
2. What is SOPEP. Requirements.
3. Sopep equipment
4. How will you extinguish oil fire?
5. Annex 4. Discharge criteria.
7. Plans under SOPEP? 
8. What is shell expansion plan? What all do you find from this plan?
9. Docking plan.
10. Use of anodes. Where do you find anodes on the ship.
11. What is SMPEP
12. What is the difference between immersion suit and tpa.
13. What is SOLAS

14.Arrangements for panting
15.stealer plate
16.Marpol annex 5 name
17.Discharge criteria for machinery space.

Marpol all anexes. 
Four harmful gases which are mainly mentioned in marpol. (no2,so2,voc, ozone depleting substances)
List the emergency equipments on board
Reqt for emergency fire pump
Fire classes and colour code.
Name the pyrotechniques on bridge

four basic pillars of imo (stcw, marpol, mlc and solas)

Stability booklet contents
Watertightness and weathertightness diff, where is it mentioned.
On load off load mechanism
Req of rescue boat
Annex 5 dicharge criteria
Annex 1 discharge criteria for machinery space.

Eca for NOx
Hydrostatic particulars
Latest STCW amendments
Radio medical advice
Foam system; recirculation, ER and deck foam systems
Liferaft maintenance
Angle of loll, corrective action and justification.

Recovery plan, where will you find it?
Code, convention, member states, tacit acceptance, ratification, HSSC
Draw and explain fixed CO2 system
Draw and explain HRU
Req of holding tank
LSA code and solas chapter 3 diff
ISM code, where is it given that its mandatory
ISPS code same question
Sewage treatment plant flange size and diameter


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