Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 3 part 3

Capt. J B Singh 
How many annex in marpol and quote the title of all.
Define sewage
Define garbage
Define protocol ,convention
Why is marpol called 73/78
Name all the conventions of IMO
Define collision
How many life rafts were on your last ship and what is the importance of the life raft forward
When is your ship called seaworthy
Fore peak tank and its construction
Collision bulkhead.its construction and requirement
Vessel is loading and there is overflow of oil, action. What could be the reasons for such an incident
Loadicator and its functions.
What is sheer strake
Define survival craft
What is stranding?
What is the difference between normal lights and navigational lights?
radio medical advise?
Requirements for steierng gear and auxiliary steerng gear
How long is the rope in the LTA. what lay it is? What is the material of the rope
What is IMO.. what does it do..     
Contents of stability booklet

Capt.Singhal & Capt.panda 
Annex 6 what cert required, measures for SOx NOx and other subastances, metal fire which ext to use, I said dry powder.He asked whats the constitution I said graphite and tec.Difference between lifeboat falls and normal wire rope.AB falls on deck what action will you take and how, which publication for radio medical regular are lifeboat falls renewed, How to give CPR, TPA req, Double hull tanker as per which annex, Annex 4, Cargo record book, Annex 5 certificates, Angle of loll, stable and unstable equilibrium, fire in ER action, Liferaft and HRU, Lifeboat launching in emergency, DBT capacity 1000t filled upto 700t what effect on ship? Tricing pendant and bowsing tackle use?

Stable,unstable,neutral equilibrium,angle of loll and corrective action ,life raft req,fixed fire extinguishing system, how will you start deck foam system,how will you take medical advice,marpol discharge criteria annex 1 cross quest. Marking of plating, sopep content, garbage discharge criteria, Certificates to be carried,IAPP, ISPP, ISM Code amendments ,PSC/FSI ,Lifeboat launchig tests, Fire in p/p Room, Marpol discharge criteria for X,Y,Z and OS, Anchor terms.

Annex 5 discharge criteria
what is SECA
Req of immersion suit
Contents of ORB
How will you indent medicines? How for Indian registered ships?


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