Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 3 part 2


Marpol garbage categories
Annex 5 amendments
At anchor, 3/e calls and tells that he want to discharge bilges, your action??
Machinery space discharge criteria
Annex 1 special areas
Sopep regulation and content
Sopep equipments and usage
Shell expansion plan
Bilge strake, sheer strake, garboard strake
Numbering of frames and strakes
Forward panting arrangements
Lifeboat lowering procedure
Hru, on load, off load, fpd
Dcp maintenance
AB on watch suddenly falls, what action?
Stability booklet contents
Hydrostatic table
Ms notices and latest notices
Ism code
Widss requirement on bulk carriers
Diff between lifeboat and rescue boat, since on my v/l two same lifeboat are there and one of them was dedicated as rescue boat, he want to hear rescue boat winch speed is more.
Liferaft requirement he want if we have davit then 50% on either side.
Immersion suit requirement and it's testing procedure,DCP extinguisher maintenance.


1)solas chapter
2)Marpol all annexes
3)Special areas and discharge criteria for them.
4)machinery space discharge criteria.
5)how to number frames
6)why forward bulkhead strong and which material.
7)hru in details
8)bridge on fire, action
9)While loading oil spray coming from ship side, Action(Reason-Minimise IG pressure)
10)Life boat lowering


Scba specifications & req.
LR solas req
Difference between liferaft and rescue boat.
UNCLOS in brief 
Sag- def, conditions, how will u know that how much ship sagged? Diagram for each condition and explain.
Draw loadline of starboard
Timber loadline

Capt JB singh

IMO antipollution procedures onboard, IMO headoffice, medical radio advice.LR req.min. depth at which you will lauch freefall LB to avoid it to go aground, how many distress signals,  What are available on bridge, IMO old name.marpol 73/78.why MARPOL came into force.You are at bridge you saw distress signal drill, content of stability booklet. sopep contents and tell about it, fire drill, liferaft why we hav forward one only 6 people capacity.
Red flare in sky(he wants to hear you'll inform shore), marpol 73 78 reason, imo previous name told imco y did they change name?? Every question he wants answer in detail went in depth for everything and try speaking as much you know on topic he'll be fine then, gave only one.ext panda, asked me he has given you only one so answer some questions so i can give more,  type of valve at manifold and fire hydrant, units of measurement which I did not know long ton and etc.

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