Radio medical advice

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in function 3 regardless of MMDs.The following are the various methods of obtaining radio medical advice.
  • By sending urgency messages via terrestrial radio with the heading PANPAN MEDICO.Stations providing medical advice are listed in ALRS Vol 1 and ITU list of coast stations and special service.
  • By contacting nearby CES via Inmarsat systems with the prefix +32 for medical advice  which would transfer you to a telemedical advice service(TMAS) or +38 for medical assistance which would put you through to RCC.Its advisable to fill the forms provided in International Medical guide for easy exchange of information.
  • Advise could be sought from a ship nearby with doctor onboard.AMVER  indicates if there are any such vessels available.
  • The International Radio Medical center- CIRM (Rome, Italy) provides services free of charge.Requests to be prefixed MEDRAD or DHMEDICO.Telephone as provided in ship captains medical guide is 39-06-54223045.Email -
  • The Master may also request Medical advice or Medical Evacuation (in case of serious medical emergency) by contacting nearest MRCC by Inmarsat phone, the contact details being mentioned in ALRS Volume I (NP 281)


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