Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 3

Capt.Muduli & Capt.Vibhute 
Tanker oil overflow, action as OOW? Wants to hear wilden pump. Also drain valve to slop tank. How will you find deadweight, how do you calculate the constant value in it? Wants lengthy explanation. How do you load to a desired draft when deadweight already known? Launching procedure for lifeboat - wants to hear about bowsing tackle and tricing pendant with explanation. Liferaft launching procedure - wants to hear about senhouse slip and breaking stress of weak link.Prepare Muster list 24 crew for Lifeboat drill, Loadline, Requirement for liferaft, Stability booklet content, OPA-90, what do you know about STCW, functions of IMO, Loadline and zone charts, pyrotechniques, Annex 1 marpol.
1)Draw how liferaft is secured on deck?
2)What is HRU & Weak link?
3)How will you lower a liferaft?
4)Explain in detail how an Abandon ship drill is carried out onboard.
5)How will you lower the lifeboat (Onload & Offload release)
6)What are the requirements for lowering of a lifeboat as per SOLAS.
7)What is Bowsing tackle & Tricing Pendant.
8)Draw & explain Load line diagram in detail.
9)On a tanker during loading the last cargo tank oil spill takes place, your action as a Duty Officer.
10)SMPEP applicable to which ships & according to which regulation of MARPOL.
11)SOPEP applicable to which ships & according to which regulation of MARPOL.
12)SOPEP equipments.
13)How many lifebuoys required to be carried onboard according to ship length as per SOLAS.
14)Full description of lifebuoy.
15)At the end he gave a rope & told to make the following knots (Reef knot, Bowline, Clove Hitch, he had a small stage plank with him & told to rig a stage plank).

Captain Khambata & Capt.Shukla 

1. Difference Between Rescue boat and Lifeboat.
2. What is Hypothermia?
3. What will you do if person suffering from hypothermia?
4. What will you do at Security level 2?

5.If a person comes on board during cargo operation what will you check?

Capt.Pankaj kumar

lifeboat checks,equip solas pack A & B,marking on liferaft and lifeboat ,cross questions,TPA & immersion suits,angle of loll,FSE,stealer plate,marpol latest amendment,annex 5 disch criteria,questns on annex 1,define enroute , MLC,
Marpol annex 2 discharge criteria, Isps level of safety, Declaration of security
Solas pack a and b difference, Seq survey, Loll and corrective measures, Bmp, Life raft marking, Steeler plate, Garboad strack, Shell expansion plan and how u locate the plate, Sheer strake, Co2 catridge in dcp how u know is filled satisfactorily, Which powder in dcp where is used, Tpa and immersion difference. 

Capt.Topnov & Capt.Khatri

As a officer on watch you're transiting between Mumbai to Kochi and suddenly engine room calls and asks to discharge engine room bilges so what will you reply at instance, Immersion suit pressure test, what material is used to cover the open space in immersion suit while pressure testing, what happens to liferaft when ship sinks, How you calculate stress on bulk carriers., how you feed the value of ballast in the loadicator, what corrections are used to find the actual ballast quantity, Describe double bottom of bulk carrier, what's difference between lightening holes and air holes, DCP maintenance, what precautions are taken to avoid caking. 

Opa90 is this for Bombay also?Emission control areas special area ,Annex1, Fixed foam system in your last ship how it was working? Liferaft hru,  weaklink, How u will lower the lifeboat, Discharge criteria annex 1,2,5, Categories of garbage, Angle of loll corrective action, Life raft requirements with maintenance, Life raft & life boat equipment, Rescue boat specifications,Stability booklet content, Then told me to draw db tank & explain construction, Fwd arrangements to reduce effect of panting & pounding, Fire while bunkering action, How to check the readines of emergency fire pump if u are on cargo watch and duty engineer is not in engine room, fire at manifold during bunkering, action, SOPEP content.

FFA equpmnt on last vessl and describe them, MS notice, content of stabilty booklet apart from hindship what you have seen on ship, immersion suit req n maintenance, how medicines are carried on board, yard delivery ship new crew joined no company manuals and other publication on board how will u prepare muster list? muster list req wher it is mentioned? angle of loll and how to corect it.hw u calculate sf n bm on board if loadicator fails.

Discharge criteria annex 1,2,5, Categories of garbage, enclosed space,load density,life raft maintenance requirements,isgott,painting pounding stress and what strenghtening is done to overcome these stresses,what do u mean by msc resolution, bunkering procedure,how will you call galley fire drill,annex 1 disch criteria including machinery spaces,odmcs,ows,garbage management plan,Lifeboat drill rqmt as per Solas, Checks on boats ,Specs of life jackets.Pyrotechnics in boats and bridge and specs full detail Emcy fire.pump rqmt, Maintenance of LSA how ,Sopep smpep, Ism principle,Duties of master as per ism who he overrides? why?

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