Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 2

Capt.Azad Loading heavy lift precautions, Csc plate, Torsional stress of container vsl, Grain code......Can we carry grain without document of authorization? He asked have you seen cargo stowage and securing manual......I said No.....since I have sailed on tanker only, Oil spill on deck action, SOPEP content, Draft mark 6.5, Imdg supplement content,What is Trim table in stability booklet of tanker, Cargo calculation for tanker.......fully table ullage,vef,gross observed volume.

Imsbc content, sulphur precaution, MS notices (who gives MS notices and content), IG,  Imdg class I classification -vol-supplement, Heavy lift precaution , Which ship-type of cargo-route, Diff PSC and FSC,CSS code, Hold preparation. SF, load density, cargoes u have carried? then I said gas carrier and then he started asking in deep,  what is boiling point of propane? Ship shore safty checklist, msds, tml, IMSBC code content

Capt.JB singh
Difference between ton and tonne,imdg classes, y 4.1 class and not class 4(told its subdivided but not happy)...blu code tell about it, types of ropes, checks you'l make on steel wire rope(he did not want how to condemn), y did imdg become mandatory only in 2008 and not before.

Capt.singhal & Capt Panda
Questions on flamibility range diagram, Diff b/w purging and inerting, Cargo securing manual, precautions while carrying coal, IMDG bay plan, striker plate.
SF, Grain ,Pyro iron suphide, static accumulator oils ,trim and stability booklet ,intact stability critria , cargo/grain/timber, Loading of chemical in a chemical tanker, problems if cargo is overcarried ,BL and Types, IMDG Cargo and doc, Boat Note ,Cargo liquification contingencies,Precaution during loading concentrates,coal,heavy cargo, tml,moisture content cross quest. ,from which code thal will give tml,how will u calculate tml of cargo, content of imdg, solas,imsbc, precaution during ballastingand deballasting operation cross quest. , ig system cross quest., pv brkr digram, advantage of ig cross quest. ,chain register.

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