Wheel over point

The steps below indicate how to calculate wheel over point:

  1. Calculate radius of the turn by the formula 
                      Radius =  average speed/ROT x 0.96
                where ROT and speed could be decided as per the
                  particular ship's maneuvering characteristics

    2. Draw two arcs, one in the old course and one on the new course by
   taking any arbitrary point as centre along the course line.Radius should 
   be the one obtained above.

    3. Draw tangents to the two arcs by transferring the corresponding
    course line.

     4.Point of intersection of the tangents is the center from which an arc 
    should be drawn to cut the new and old course lines.This arc is the the 
    curve to follow at the given ROT and avg. speed.Radius of this arc 
     is the same calculated radius.

    5.Vessel will take some distance to respond to the turn, which is equal 
    to the F factor(approx ship's length).

    6.Thus to get the wheel over line, transfer the new course line to a
      point on the old one which is at a distance of one ship's length from
      the curve.

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