Reason why some bulkers doesnt have fixed fire fighting system in Cargo holds.

Well this is an important oral question coming under function 3 safety.The candidates are asked about their last ship specifications and those who did their sea time in bulk carriers which doesn't have any type of fixed fire fighting system in the cargo holds should be able to explain the reason why.Its quite amusing that some old hands who did their whole sea time in tankers doesn't know about such a set up.The advanced fire fighting instructor from TS Chanakya Mumbai was not ready to accept this fact when some guys made a reference. Well here is the reason why-:
"Regulation of chapter II-2 states that the Administration may exempt the cargo spaces of any ship constructed and solely intended for the carriage of ore, coal, grain, unseasoned timber non-combustible cargoes or cargoes which constitute a low fire risk.It is granted only if ship is fitted with steel hatch covers and effective means of closing all ventilators and other openings to the cargo spaces.Such ships are issued with an exemption certificate with the list of cargoes the ship is permitted to carry attached to it."

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