Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 2 part 2

Taking over cargo watch on tanker,
Static electricity precautions on tanker while cargo operation & tank cleaning
Hazards & precautions on loading coal
Cargo securing manual,
Container lashing
Imdg content & classes
Loading heavy lift precautions
How to take draft
Draft marks drawing and indicate draft 6.2
Draft survey purpose
Isgott contents
Static electricity and its precaution
Prior loading
Ship shore safety checklist as per isgott
Loading of acetic acid and precaution
Deck crew safety
Checking of safety features prior loading cargo.on chemical
Spill gear for chemical cargoes IMDG code supplement contents
Explain MFAG
Medicines rqmt as per IMDG
A little about PV and breaker.


1. What type of ships.(oil tankers)
2. Taking over cargo watch (Don't forget to say read chief officer instructions)
3. Setting of pv valve.
4. Why +1400 and -350? (Because ship structure can expand till 1400 but cannot shrink till 1400 , so the setting is such.)
5. Is IMDG code applicable to ships carrying DG in bulk answer no. Tell the Application.
6. Give more Info about IMDG.

7.Angle of repose, req for manifold flanges, taking over cargo watch in VLCC while discharging
8.Action in case of heavy weather and lightning while loading

Capt.Khatri/Capt Panigrahi 
Gas change procedure 
IMDG code
IMSBC code
SF, Load density
Propane characteristics


Angle of repose, how u will take over cargo watch, what all information u expect from shipper if u r going to load IMDG code, loading radioactive substance precaution, imdg table, what is UN No.
angle of repose and usage
Trimming procedures
Questions on IMDG table
Packaging labelling
Flammability diagram
Take over cargo watch
Draw & explain Angle of Repose.
How will you secure a car or any vehicle on a Ro-Ro.
Hold preparation before loading steel coils & draw how will you secure steel coils inside the hold.
Explain Cargo Securing Manual onboard & what it contains?
How are Container lashings done onboard & what are the lashing equipments used?
What is IMDG Class (2, 3 & 8)
Draw labels of IMDG Class(2, 3 & 8) with colour coding.
What is segregation table & explain (Away from, Separated from)
How will you identify an IMDG container which is being loaded on your ship

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