Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 2 part 3

Captain Muduli
What are IG ALARMS, VCS, VOC, deck seal, Heavy lift cargo, precautions for COW, difference between timber and other load line and why, gas measuring instrument, draw timber load line, difference bw explosimeter and tankscope, how to calibrate them.

bay plan, csc plate and content, Stack load and racking stress, nature of timber treatment? Imdg class, aim, marking, Spontaneous combustion and spontaneous heating, Basic questions from gas tanker, marvs what types ,Isgott for oil so whats for gas tanker and its contents? Meaning of deck rounds, Loading of coal in detail, SWL and markings on crane, BC code content, Pumproom entry procedure, loading of heavy lift cargo, key car.


Sf, load dnsity,Heavy lift, how wil u plan to load  heavy lift
You have finished discharging on a tanker and prior next loading you have to do a man entry,What are the steps,Imdg classification
IG plant req and use, Angle of repose -define and which cargo wil have low value for angle- grain or ore,Angle of loll corection,Ventilation - cargo and ship sweat


1. How you will take over cargo watch while loading sulphur?
2. What are hazards of sulphur.
3. IMDG contents. Purpose of IMDG & classification.
4. While loading a dangerous container, the container breaks open and white powder falls on a person on deck, what action?
5. Precaution loading heavy lift cargo
6. What lashings will you take on a wooden block (mentioned dimensions) and what precautions to take while taking a lashing.
7. Taking over watch while loading coal.
8. Precautions while loading heavy lift.
9. Ship sweat and how it forms.

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