IMO Criteria for manoeuvring characteristics

Stopping ability of the vessel is judged by using a full astern crash stop manoeuvre.based on IMO requirement track reach should not exceed 15 times the ships length.In case of low powered large displacement ships the value may be modified but in no case should exceed 20 times the length ,after approval from administration.

Maneouvring characteristics for Prabhu Puni(see attached dia.)

One of the frequently asked oral questions is regarding the maneouvring characteristics of the last ship you sailed in.Following are the specifications for a 230 metre 45000 GRT Bulk carrier.

   Condition             Advance          Tactical dia.(port)      Tactical dia.(stbd)
                                (Nm)                    (Nm)                      (Nm)

     Loaded                  0.52                    0.54                        0.58
(Full spd 14.1K)

     Loaded                 0.49                    0.41                        0.43
(Half ahd. 8.2 K)

     Ballast                  0.46                    0.46                        0.46
(Full spd 15.3 K)   

     Ballast                  0.43                    0.36                        0.43
(Half ahd. 8.8 K)


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