Harmonized system of survey and certification for ships(HSSC)

Prominent conventions such as SOLAS, MARPOL, LL, IBC, BCH and IGC require­­­­­­ the issuing of certificates to show that requirements have been met and this has to be done by means of a survey which can involve the ship being out of service for several days. The harmonized system will alleviate the problems caused by survey dates and intervals between surveys which do not coincide, so that a ship should no longer have to go into port or repair yard for a survey required by one convention shortly after doing the same thing in connection with another instrument. 
                      The main changes to the SOLAS and Load Lines Conventions are that annual inspections have been made mandatory for cargo ships and unscheduled inspections have been discontinued.

 The key features of HSSC are:-
  • Maximum period of validity of cargo ship certificates would be five years and those of passenger ships would be twelve months.
  •  To enable ships to complete their voyage a three month leeway is provided from the date of certificate expiry and once this happens the period of validity of the new certificate would start from the date of expiry.  
  • One year standard interval between surveys.

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