Hanging off an anchor

This is the process of separating the anchor from the cable so that the anchor cable could be used for some other purpose such as towing.This is usually done in two different ways.

  • If cable need not be passed through hawsepipe.
       In such a scenario, the anchor could be secured in the hawsepipe itself using wire ropes.The cable is then slacked and broken off at the first first joining shackle.The cable could then be passed through a forward panama lead.

  • If cable need to be passed through hawsepipe.
        The anchor is lowered clear of hawsepipe and a'cockbilled.A wire rope(usually 24 mm and above) is passed through the anchor shackle and both ends belayed on bitts.A second wire rope of same dimension is passed through the link just forward of the first joining shackle, one end belayed on bitts and other end led to the warping drum.The cable is eased to this second wire and broken off at the first joining shackle.The part of the cable forward of this shackle is veered so that the anchor swings abaft the hawsepipe.The end is taken off the warping drum and belayed on bittts so that the weight of the anchor is equally on both the  wires.
            To prevent chaffing of the second wire, the whole weight of the anchor could be transferred to the first wire alone and former cast off by sending a man overside.

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