Enhanced group calling (EGC)

EGC are multiple address messages received by Inmarsat C terminals located within the coverage area.Four Geo-stationary satellites provide world wide coverage for the system.Terrestrial information providers can promulgate valuable data such as navigational warning, meteorological warnings and forecasts, search and rescue related information as well as commercial info to ships.The EGC receivers can be programmed to selectively receive only the required type of messages for their respective geographical area.Special header in the text indicates the met-area to which it is intended.
            There are two main types of EGC service:-
  • SAFETYNET: - This service is for transmission of Marine safety information to vessels at sea from hydrographic offices, search and rescue authorities, Meteorological stations etc.
  • FLEETNET:- These are commercial data sent to pre-designated mobile terminals which could be a fleet of ships owned by a company or so.

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