Arrangements to upright an upturned open lifeboat

How to upright an open lifeboat and the provisions available in a non-self righting lifeboat in events of upturning is a popular oral question.We already know that the righting strap provided in a life raft in order to achieve such a result.

Merchant shipping notices by Maritime and coastguard agency quotes:-

A life line bucketed round the outside of the lifeboat meant to enable persons to cling to the lifeboat if upturned in the form of bilge keels or keel rails together with grab lines secured from gunwale to gunwale under the keel.

Keel rails are steel grab rod fitted on the bottom of a lifeboat to provide a hand hold.These along with grab lines leading throughout the underside of the boat constitute the arrangements specially made in open lifeboats which do not have self righting capabilities.

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