Kochi MMD Second Mates Oral questions (asked in Jan/Feb/Mar 2015) SET-1

Here is a collection of oral questions that were asked in Kochi MMD orals during the months of Jan, Feb and March of 2015(collected from candidates).

Candidate No.1

Capt. Misra(Int)

1.SOLAS requirement;communication system with engine room
2.Chart symbols- navigable wreck,dangerous wreck,
   tss;established and recommended route(refer 5011)
4.ROR siuations.
5.What is control testing?
6.You entered bridge after 3 4 days(vsl in port) fire on bridge chart room table, most important first action?
7.You are standby during tank entry, cadet collapsed in tank, most important action  to save his life?
8.Hanging off an anchor
9.How will you upright a liferaft?

Capt. Vinod Navin(Ext)

1 Oil discharge criteria
2.What equipment you will carry on deck and engine room for discharge of Annex 1 waste generated.
3.Various codes,contents of BCH code.
4.limitation for Pyrotechniques.
5.what equipment in liferaft will tell us that somebody is coming to assist you?
6.How to update ecdis?
7.2 eg of nav warning
8.How to set navtex station
9.As third mate 10 impt. points to prepare for tomorrow's fire drill
10.Osd, oil spill equipt.
11.You are duty officer, spill on deck, action?
12.ROR cards fv, ram,trawler.
13.You are North of North cardinal buoy, action?
14.Container lashing equipt, especially bridge fittings
15.Bay plan
16.How do u know container is DG as duty off?
17.How will You check seaworthiness of vessel as third mate related to deck.

Candidate No.2

Capt Santhosh

1- What is gyro error. How will take error by transit bearing?
2. Few ROR situations. (explained by applying rules and witout respect to observing the target,its aspect, chart)
3. Flammability diagram
4. Inert gas
5. Fire fighting appliances in cargo spaces of last ship.(I told in my last ship there was no such fire fighting appliance in cargo spaces. He asked why then I explained according to SOLAS and stated the concerned regulation)
6. How to send radio medical advice.
7.Various question on survival craft like - height from floor to coaming in life boat,Stability, freeboad, falls, buoyancy of life raft, pressure in buoyancy chamber etc
8.Draw on load release.
9. Marpol various questions regarding discharge criteria (10 nos) Ship construction definitions.(7-8 nos),stability definitions (10-15nos)
10. Draw angle of loll diagram.
11. ISM code and ISPS code easy questions such as explain DPA ,CSO, certificate, in SOLAS which chapter they have mentioned about it.
12.Pressure test of fire extinguisher. 
13.A to Z of foam extinguisher.
14.Composition of AFFF solution.
15. Asked in depth about medical scaling, medical chest, radio medical advice, procedures for it, documents related to it. 

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