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Start early; you might not end up the last.
When I was relaxing back home whining about the hard college days, some of my friends with foresight packed their bags and went straight to Mumbai and started hunting for job right away.Guess where the select few ended up? Being young third officers and fourth engineers earning 6 digit salary while I m still doing the chipping and far worse getting imprisoned in some Belapur hostel with nothing to do like some unfortunate friends of ours.So the thing is do not waste a second.Relax for a week or so and head to Mumbai.The first thing to do is submit your CV in person to the select few companies who actually conduct the tests.About an year ago I had posted the list.Click here to go to the page.The competition is very tough outside.So make sure you don’t lag behind.The hiring process of all good companies span over a period of 6 to 8 months.The longer you wait back home, higher is the probability of you losing patience to look for the time consuming genuine placements.An agent would spring up out of the blue and convince you of a jobs where you could join in under 15 days and you will be like ‘here, take these lakhs of rupees’.There is no 15 day job I am telling you especially if it comes from an agent.In short the longer you delay you are gonna lose your enthusiasm and hope along with the openings.  
Find a temp job.
This is one decision that you would always feel great about when you look into the past.The stuff most necessary to remain positive are something to get yourself engaged with and money.A temporary job would give you both.You can go for a night shift call center job so that you will get the day time for job hunting.With money in your pocket, you wont feel miserable all the time, having overcome the ‘have to trouble parents’ part.There are plenty of catering jobs on the offer for those who don’t wanna work everyday.Here is the guide to finding such a job, click this link.Two years of agony and unrest makes me tell you that you wont regret this.Ironically when I decided about finding a call centre job after my source of income dried up a bit, it took almost two years.Looking back I couldn’t forgive myself for this.Foolishly I did some silly part time jobs in kerala with no outcome whatsoever for sums like 3000 bucks a month.Given a chance to time travel, this would be among the very first thing I would change from my past.If you want help finding a job in Mumbai, contact me.
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