How I got the job:- A friend told me about this interview in Tolani which he came to know because some of his room mates forgot to wear a neck tie and were asked to come later.I gave it a half hearted try & guess where I am now? Just a month of training left.
NB: No agents, no reference.
Meteorite: I m extremely proud of helping a friend who was in the verge of a mental breakdown resulting from him getting cheated by an agent, having lost 3 lakhs and his good health.Right now he is running around on deck taking soundings and eating Bamboo from his Chief
When I Passed out in 2011 with better than average results & three quarters of a Nautical degree, not even in my worst nightmares could I vision being forced to waste two years of this small precious life roaming in the streets, shipping companies,agents & union offices and more often pinned between four walls somewhere in Mumbai resembling an ugly dog who disgusted everyone including himself .Boy! it was pathetic.Cant even imagine what would have become of me if not for this late bloomer job courtesy Tolani shipping.I did a lot of mistakes right from day one.I was over confident,lazy, lacked determination and wanted things to work out the easy way.Well I am sharing every bit of that life altering phase so that none of my brothers would suffer from the same fate.People who read Harry potter would know how a death eater sucks all happiness out of you.The agony that my parents had to go through is the most devastating part.
As a preamble let me group the stuff in to Dos & Don’ts of job hunting(cadetship)
                          DO’S                                                                    DON’T’S

Read this post & follow Cowsegg.This                         Think this is bullshit & close the window
cow gives milk among other goods.

Find a temporary job asap once u land                        Relying on parents money.
 in Mumbai

Be in touch with whats happening where,                    Sulking away waiting for a miracle to
Which company is conducting job interview,                happen, blaming fate for your
when and where.                                                           misfortune

Don’t lose your grip on the subject.Always                Trusting agents and party unions for an
Be ready for a written test or an interview.In               easy way through jeopardizing parents’
Other words read your text books.                              hard earned money.

These are the main stuff.Rest is about                      Become a saddist. Whining every milli-
Confidence, self-belief and positive attitude.              Second and making life virtual hell.
The most difficult emotions to muster.

As you guys now have a rough image of what’s what I’ll now proceed to the elaborate list of follies that I committed so that I ended up being a complete wreck for 2 years.

1. I messed up interviews

The thing that comes in handy the most while hunting for cadetship is your knowledge on the subject.When I attended Fleet Mgmt’s interview I couldn’t answer a simple question about sounding involving hand lead.The thing was I took it for granted.Didnt give the job any vale at that time.Not until all those batchmates who got placed started sailing, LOL.It was in 2009 and I was at the peak of my over confidence and wanted a better company.I can only laugh at my own plight when later I had to make up my mind for joining ghost ships and pirate ships even.In my next interview I was rejected in the final stage because I didn’t know how to navigate in restricted visibility, even though I by hearted every bit of radar’s theory and practice.There will be a hundred people saying ‘companies no longer hire directly, they have setting with agents.Interviews some once a year, so just forget it’.My sincere request is to not to buy this.Always remember, your best bet of getting a job is through direct company placements.
2.Lack of enthusiasm
After hardly 6 months of passing out, I lost all hope of getting a job.I didn’t even took the pain of submitting my resume to companies.I was like ‘Its not gonna work, just waste of time Daddy.I m coming home’.Being the loving father he would say ‘Its OK son, you don’t roam around like a lowlife.I m there no, we will do something about it’. I love u Dad.I wouldn’t have survived without you.You guys kindly restrain yourself from sending CVs online.Even if you do, that should be secondary to directly leaving your resume at the respective offices.Several companies like Seateam Mgmt does not consider online submissions at all.
                                                                                                                                 (To be continued)

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