Yesterday someone I know went to a reputed maritime training /DG approved coaching center in Belapur CBD to enquire about the proficiency in security training course and came back with rather gloomy news.He saw cadets both deck and engine who passed out from the institute,standing outside the office and abusing the principal and the director in all the languages they knew while all those who came there for various purposes stood n watched.They alleged that the academy cheated them and didnt give them placement charging lakhs of rupees as course fee.They were left to roam along the streets of andheri looking for a job in vain.Here is the crazy yet cruel part.The person in charge of the institute came outside and told the boys in a calm voice, 

"Dears, you should keep calm, its not our fault that you guys didnt get a job.You people must have given a thought about the present market scenario while enrolling for a merchant navy course.You guys are dismissed."The helpless guys showered abuses and left.
          When I joined such an institute five years ago I wasnt much aware too.But my college did give me a chance in the name of Fleet management Ltd but unfortunately I couldnt succeed.Meanwhile 30 guys didnt even get a chance at all.When the same guy who related this tale to me told that everyone of his batchmates in Tolani got placed, when a senior said everyone in Great eastern get placed well isnt the fact clear like crystal? Its all but our own mistake isnt it? Shouldnt we all be a little more aware n equipped? Samudra institute and AMET( to an extend) keep their word.None of their cadets remain jobless, not even the lesser genre. The company sponsored programmes are the best go.The same applies to GME and electrical officer courses as well.
         We could avoid years of agony if we give this a thought up front. Raise your voice against colleges without placement.They should all be closed down.Warn your friends and kins.May this cursed field of Indian merchant navy run by politicians and agents have a better future...


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