Yellow fever vaccines found to have disappeared completely from all over India.
   A Batchmate of mine got screwed two days ago when he approached the DG approved clinic in Wellington Island Kochi for yellow fever vaccination, the verdict being an unexpected shortage of medicine which may take months to get settled down.He who is all set to join tried all over India, Delhi, Vizag, Bengaluru, Chennai and ofcourse Mumbai.Well it was first up his mistake to have ignored the vaccination till the eleventh hour.When I took mine he casually exclaimed that vaccination isnt important, Job is.If that is there everything could be done.When he swallowed his words, pride and folded his tail underneath his behind and called me regarding this I thought about letting all you fellow mariners know about the scam.
    Here is the official take on this:-
          There is a severe shortage of Yellow Fever Vaccine in India in the government as well as private sector leading to a lot of difficulty for travelers going to Africa & South America.We had been getting reports of shortage from Ahmedabad, Chennai & Bangalore, but now the vaccines seems to have disappeared completely from all over India.We have been unable to procure the vaccine in private sector from the vaccine manufacturer (Sanofi Pasteur) as well. According to highly placed sources in the comapny who declined to be identified, the shortage is the result of government of India delaying the sanction of the new batch of Yellow Fever Vaccine. According to them, the vaccine is likely to remain unavailable till at least July end.
Well the point is get all the vaccinations on time and be ready for sea any moment.Hope this post is useful to atleast one of you....

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