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I cant believe this is happening.What are follies are our fresher cadets committing? If we sit like a duck asking to be shot everyone will screw us.Just days ago I uploaded a case of my friend getting cheated in the gulf as he joined on board without RPSL and contract, here comes another shocker.The fraud agent whom I brought to public notice and warned each and everyone I know and came across to keep away from, made a fortune out of a bunch of cadets and fled with a crore and six lakhs.But why rather how is this possible? Whose fault is this when we feed ourselves to the lion so innocently?
Here are the links to the posts I uploaded in this very blog dated 03/08/2012.

And days ago this is what I came across in the net, uploaded by a guy who lost his money with Brar.
"""Fraud Shipping Agent Pawan Brar from Mumbai cheated more than 30 marine students from Tamilnadu, Kolkata, Kerala, Delhi,etc.. by affirming them in getting  jobs in GERMAN TANKERS shipping company immediately, by collecting a large amount of money.

He has a fake website (shown to be under construction),  fake official email ids, gave out a false RPSL number (the Recruitment and Placement Services Licence is mandated by the Directorate General of Shipping for authorized recruiters and agents), and built a fake Facebook page in the name of Pacific Ship India Pvt. Ltd
         He collected money from each of us(marine graduates) about Rs 2.6 lakhs - 2.8 lakhs by telling that he will get us job in German Tankers within a week as deck cadets and engine cadets with a salary of 900 USD($) per month. We students went to his office ( address and details given below) with our luggages packed for our one year ship voyage. We  paid the said amount through net transfer. As soon as we paid money we were sent for the medicals, then he gave us a fake joining letter, pay slip. He told us the ship name and joining port minutes after we paid the money. But after two days he said our trips were cancelled. When asked for the reason he said that his RPSL number got struck with DG Shipping, which he brought as a reason in delaying our  boarding dates. He kept on delaying the boarding dates for about two months. Believing his fake boarding dates, we students used to pack our luggages (for the sailing) and move to Mumbai but every-time we returned back with disappointments.
       Later Doubts started to arose upon him. His fake boarding dates agitated us. After few days, he said that his contract with German tankers had been cancelled so he couldn't get us jobs in GT. He offered us with another three companies instead of GT. This kindled our doubts further. So we went to his office hoping that we could get our money back but to our utter shock, he had absconded by vacating his office. He stopped attending our calls. We tried to contact him through many new numbers but he never picked up. He had done an ultimate fraud-ism of more than Rs. 1.1 crores.
       With further investigation upon him, we came to know that this guy had already been arrested in the year 2011 for the same type of fraud-ism. We had filed FIR on him both in Mumbai and Delhi but he is still missing. But this Idiot is still active on Social networks like Whatsapp, etc.... Having lost our money we are suffering badly along with our family but this coward is enjoying his days by updating his pictures in social networks with no remorse or shame. Such a Shameless creature.
     People who had been often spotted in his office are CHIRAG, SHUBAM and a lady (most probably his girlfriend or wife).
     We had complained to police hoping that we would get back our money soon"""
       Well I dont wanna utter a single word more.If some of you had seen those posts and informed your friends, would this have happened.If one had searched the word Pawan K brar in google my blog post containing his real intent would have appeared.Couldnt you have done atleast that before unloading your money truck before him? Well he is gone now but the point is would we ever learn a lesson out of this? Why couldnt we stick to the basics going for a company with RPSL atleast....God bless us..all ma hard work of blogging gone in vain

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