After roaming for more than two years in the streets of Mumbai looking for a job that would never come these are the valuable lessons I learned. 
  1. Never deposit your original documents unless you personally know the guy  or agency and are quite sure that they are genuine."Like what they say in Rules of the Road(ROR) if you have any doubt  as to whether a chance of fraud exists you shall assume that it does exist and act accordingly".Original documents have been found to be used as the most devastating mortgage for blackmail if things go unwell between the two parties.
  2. Give a thought about the value of your parents' hard earned money.These villains will ask for all kind of strange amounts as advance.If a reputed company or a crew manager is dealing with you its very much possible that you will get the job.Otherwise its a blind man's war.
  3. Never sign contracts which are in unknown languages.Consult your seniors and online forums before you jump into conclusions.Click here to read more on this...
  4. Never hand over money, only because the agent provides you with the VISA, flight ticket and you are done with the medicals.The money they charge for the job is ten folds of what they need to spend to book a ticket.
  5. Never budge infront of sweet words of assurance such as " contract will be signed on board.Its as good as keeping your wallet in the back pocket and roaming in Mumbai.
  6. Never relent to the waiting game.Two months is the sensible time perios that you should provide the agent.If things dont work in that time frame, better retreat.Reasons such as 'unavailibility of cargo, freight rate going down, some problem with DG, contract with the foreign principal getting cancelled' have all been told as excuses by these creed for ages.The agent could meanwhile earn huge profits by rolling the money you advanced in private financing.Click here to read more...
  7. Always keep in mind that agents in Mumbai could lower themselves to any levels save their asses and money.They would well may be dangerous.If you are about to take back your money please keep away from meeting them alone in remote areas.Click here to read more on this
  8. The dual contract fraud has been brought to public notice only recently. A popular company in Navi Mumbai recruits deck and engine cadets in completely different posts by promising required documents for their certification.Different posts have altogether different kind of work onboard.A wrong stamp in the CDC and you will be doomed.
  9. Cruise line recruiting agencies never work.Eventhough they take a comparatively small sum as advance, there is zero possibility of you getting a job in one.I have a friend who waited an year believing their words.
  10. Fraud agents such as 'Pawan K Brar' are known to provide fake documents, contracts and joining letters.Be 100% sure before handing over money even after getting all the required material to work on board.
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