"This post is a result of some divine intervention.Yesterday I was waiting in my company office all set to sign my 12 months contract when this miracle happened. In the one hour time that the M D asked me to wait I had the fortunate presence of mind to call a senior and good friend to discuss about the vessel, which is a general cargo vessel by name 'Amira Nadia'. My friend mentioned about all vessels built prior to and close to 1982 getting scrapped on a large scale.I didnt give it much importance then but when I googled about the vessel some minutes later to find the length, A blog named 'merseyshipping' popped up inferior to the tracking sites 'Fleetmon' and 'Marinetraffic'.And to hell with it there she lied, Amira Nadia the old queen in the list of vessels that are about to be scrapped. It wasnt co-incidence when a guy I met in the office told about his ill fate as his vessel got scrapped just before he could finish the final 30 days of his 18 month contract.The poor guy is running helter-skelter for a month more of sailing as a deck cadet so that he could appear for the exam.Dont know what had saved me in the last instant.I talked to the guy and cancelled the offer."
        Dear friends keep this point in mind. There is a blog named which has all the details of vessels which were scrapped or about to be scrapped in the near future.It will just take a while but may save you from tons of misery.They update the details every week or so and the information is authentic.Spread the word dear friends. RPSL isnt just everything. Have a nice day.