This incident isn’t much familiar to me, but I will try my best to include all the points so that this danger is properly understood and no other individual has to suffer from this ill fate.
This phenomenon gained everyone’s attention once a fellow college mate of mine got victimized by a fraud agent/ company. This person completed his four year degree course in marine engineering and got enrolled in a company. It was desperate times then too as it is now and he found himself lucky to find a job. Everything went fine and he might have been so overwhelmed that he couldn’t raise an objection even after finding the contract in an alien language.He did raise concerns regarding the letter being in Mandarin(Chinese) but the person in charge was smart enough to convince him.He didn’t bother to dig deep.Once he joined it took no time for him to notice that he was cheated.He was sent on board as a fitter.
           It was a big screw up which brought dark shadows over his career.I couldn’t get updated of his present situation,but as far as what I heard is true he went through hell.This event was related to me by a senior who was a batch mate of our cadet in distress.
           What I wanna tell you guys is that you should make sure the contract is well clear and understood. If it is in some unknown language you should seek expert advice, for ex. upload in some marine community in Facebook and make sure its genuine. None other should be tricked like this ever again.All you officer and engineer cadets keep this in mind that once our CDC gets stamped as a crew you are doomed, rather grounded.Even with everything going right its hard to find a job in this field.Its impossible if you mess up like this.Take care brothers, be cautious..
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