This post is to notify all my dear brothers of a newly found danger in our goddarned field which is run mostly by agent pests and minion companies who misuse their RPSL.The incident completely shattered the life and career of a dear friend of mine.This cadet who ails from my state did his DNS from IMU Wellington island Cochin and paid 3.5 lakh INR trusting an agent (another deck cadet who did a 9 months sail in some reputed company, another proof that anyone and everyone could be agents in Mumbai) whom his friend refered.This alleged friend of his was told to be recruited by a top company following this cadet-agent's involvement.The mutual friend even called our victim from onboard to add to their confidence.That was proof enough for my friend who roamed all over Mumbai for an year and half wasting precious money and invaluable time.
           The agent convinced him by telling that its an ITF company who doesnt run an office in India so that the contract signing and the RPSL details will be given from the port of joining.He took the money while the VISA and flight ticket to Gulf were handed over.Five cadets went together in the same flight and three of them including my friend were sent onboard a small cement carrier.It was less than 700 grt and had no proper officers.There was this guy who couldnt follow English, referred to as captain.There was no contract to be signed and no RPSL provided.The vessel headed to Iran and all hells broke lose.The boat-like ship operated only in Irani waters.There was no pay, neither sufficient food nor drinking water.They were made to work for 18 hours a day which included loading and unloading of cement sacks.There was no bridge or ECR.When this agent was contacted he lashed back hard at them telling that his responsibility was already over.
           The helpless lads cried all day and couldnt even telephone their families out of despair.It was hell of course.After two months of agony they couldnt take it any longer.With the help of their parents and some delegates from the Irani Indian embassy they were released from the ghost ship.It appears that those cement carrying boats needed some watchmen to guard them while in port.Thats the reason, the most vulnerable creed in all of merchant navy, deck cadets were hired.With their helpless parents' money they came back to Mumbai in one piece because of god's grace.With deteriorated health and broken hearts they stay at home these days cursing their ill fortunes.
           The villain who caused them this misery still lives a luxurious life.He still claims that he will find some other vessel for them but wont give the money back.As they have no money left nor the urge to fight having lost all, they have no option but to rely on the guy.Thats the reason he doesnt give out the agents name.Is this what merchant navy is all about? They did only one mistake, trusted an agent whom their friend referred.Did they have to suffer like this? Are we living in a military regime.Dear seniors kindly convey what can be done about the case and possibly some solution.All we have is ourselves.....