Dear friends, How you all doing? Hope you all are doing OK. These are bad times for most of us.Hope we all have the resilience to tread through these rough weathers.


Two days ago I came across a deck cadet from Chennai, who did his three years degree.This guy is all set to join as an OS onboard a small supply vessel giving away 2.5 lakhs as service charge in an Indian owned RPSL company.I was literally shocked at this.But he plowed on with enthusiasm, with some kind of weird enigma telling that a deck cadet and an OS have the same kind of work on board and the company will give a deck cadet's stamp and related documents, required to attend for the exam.It felt like he was reciting a poem taught by the agents.If he knew the various designations on board and the duties.If he knew the difference between an officer post and crew.He is offered with a healthy stipend of 350$.Is that what he found so amusing.Or is his decision right after all?
       A company once approached me with the same kind of offer which I generously rejected.As per the ship's service requirement you will be deemed to be an OS(they said AB, LOL) but regarded as a deck cadet with all certification provided.
      I am no expert to analyze this situation but I bet there are a lot of veterans among you people.My instincts say something is amiss.Have any one of you set sail in a lower rank than your own qualification and found it satisfactory? Kindly reply with your valuable advice and suggestions, dear seniors and friends. A fellow seaman's life and career is at stake.....