Warning: Whatever piece of information/news item/data that is uploaded in this blog is true to the best of my knowledge. Have taken utmost care to keep away false info and rubbish made up stories. The primary aim of this blog is not to terrify anyone but to share tales of treachery from the field so that no one else suffers from the same ill fate.
                 THE RISK ABROAD
Normally there is this belief that everything is okay once the paperwork is completed in India and you get the flight ticket to the port of joining.A recent incident witnessed by a classmate of mine turned everything upside down, completely dismantling this concept. It further exposed another ugly side of our celebrated field.
           As related by a mutual friend-” Through a well-known agency which functions in CST area, a deck cadet who finished three years degree got recruited in company X.(Cant upload the exact details of the company here owing to the legality factor. Contact me and I would provide all details personally)Whether he was placed actually or it was an act of fraud and forgery is still debatable. All of his procedures were finished and he signed the contract. The port of joining was in Egypt. This chap along with a few other crew members arrived in Egypt and were asked to wait for two three days by the local agent. That guy met to their needs in there.A day later this Arab vanished while those seamen were asleep, alleged to have stolen all their mobiles and laptops. Their ship never came. After long struggle they were brought back to India and following some political involvement they got some part of the money back.”
           The point is till the time you step on board and see to it that everything is sound, the risk factor exists.You should make sure there is an answerable person in India, whom you could sue if things screw up abroad.Kindly do not entrust your valuable money to agents whom you doesn’t know before simply by seeing the flight ticket and joining letter. Be your own daddy….