WTH!!! M'NAVY?????

The seven things your college folk didn't tell you about merchant navy.
Warning: This is not a write up intended to de-motivate aspiring cadets.This is just a gudeline that every single person who step into this field should go through for his own good.The field isnt a paradise any longer but rewards hardwork like it did always.No need to feel negative.I always stick to my decision being right coming to the field.So long sailors....

  1. Do not join the Merchant Navy thinking you could earn a huge fortune in a short while without toiling much.This field is all about hard work, nerves, guts and sheer common sense.Not all could cherish.
  2. Thinking that your Uncle who is a master could help you find a job and blindly enrolling to some colleges isnt sensible any longer.That era is well over.Very few companies encourage recommendations nowadays.
  3. Unless you are placed from your college, you are in deep shit dear cadet.No god will hear your prayer even if you sit and cry for years.Its almost impossible to find a job in the present scenario.Go for company sponsored programmes which are the best shot you can get.
  4. The average worktime for a deck cadet is around 16-18 hours in the first six months atleast unless your chief officer is an angel(Angels very rarely appear at sea).If you are headed for a vacation find some other place.
  5. Dont come to the field thinking about world tour as your main objective.There are seamen who couldnt step out of the vessel outside India even after sailing for years.We could always pray for some technical delay, lol.
  6. Like they glorified in their brochures, its extremely unlikely to be a master or C/E in 5 to 6 years.The average duration for clearing each phase in India is around 8-12 months minimum ie you have to sail not only at sea.
  7. Even after finishing your training and clearing the exam, the companies normally delay your joining by 6-8 months.There are some exceptions as well.