A note for fresher cadets and TME who are all set to join onboard-1

      WARNING:Dear friends, kindly make sure your agent doesnt fall in the below mentioned category and cheat you.

When you get to Mumbai looking for an agent with whom you can trust your money and career, the amateur cadets often gets blinded with the genuinity factor that they forget to give a thought about their real intentions. Getting convinced that the guy won’t run away isn’t enough these days.The new generation of agents won’t simply take advances from a number of cadets and vanish. Instead they roll the money in finance and make a lavish living out of it.
                2 lakhs INR means 20K as interest per month. And mind you, you won’t be the only one to entrust your money with him, falling for the well-furnished office. The guy will delay the proceedings for six to seven months by which you would get frustrated enough. Then only you would notice something amiss. When your parents pressurize a little too much, he would confess of his helplessness, blaming global recession and those companies who started their own institutes for the present crisis. You won’t have any other go than to take back the money.

               Some of them will eventually find a ship for you only after making full use of the advance you paid. You would be forced to wait uncertainly as the same drama awaits you with any other agent. A month or two gives way to years even in some cases. The tragic thing is there isn’t any other way to find a job.The field is engulped by such rogue agents who make a money tree out of you. But there are some companies like Wallems and MMS who enroll cadets in the proper exam and interview channel but there isn’t any Jesus Christ in here to serve five million with 5 vacancies. 
                       Watch out for the next in this series ‘The chinese contract’.