Last time the notorious Captain Edward John Smith of Titanic was accused of being heavily drunk and completely responsible for the accident.This time his worth to command such a huge vessel is being questioned.In a report by The Telegraph, Captain Smith is told to have failed his examinations many a times before finally getting his masters in the year 1888.He was nowhere near the mark in navigation and his shortcomings were thoroughly preventing him from getting passed in papers related to navigation.In the initial years of his career he encountered numerous difficulties.
                Later he managed to overcome his drawbacks and rose to the height of a ship master. The upper class developed a fascination of sailing with him and that changed his luck.He got promoted to the senior most captain's rank which made him command the greatest ship of its time, the RMS Titanic.He was also nicknamed 'the richman's captain' in the process. In the initial voyage itself, Titanic had to meet a terrible collision only to rest in the depths of the Atlantic.A survivor of the incident accused the captain to be heavily drunk during the accident and that he had started his drinking sessions even before the vessel set sail from Southampton.
                Almost 2300 passengers were taken down along with the Titanic and it remains one of the worst disasters at sea till date.It is also woth mentioning that Captain Smith didnt try to escape from the sinking vessel, going down along with her like a true master.   
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