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They shoved me inside and some other guys in formals were sitting inside.It was too small a cabin that there was hardly room enough for three people to sit at a time(one reason why some of the villains were standing outside apart from forcing the cadets inside).Like a house cat the guy was sitting in a corner with no air of a man of the seas like he claimed.He introduced himself as a second mate.The first thing he asked was why I didnt turn up in formals.I didnt bother to listen to his bullcrap.He continued that they had some 11 odd ships, all tankers and that I should pay a lakh rupees that very day.If not I may lose my chance.He hurried to send me for the medicals before giving time for me to ask anything.But I was well prepared for all that drama.
                "Well Mr.Pawan you had spoiled everything already and better stop barking" whispered my guardian angel.I interrupted him and asked about the RPSL and he answered that they will get it by August.When asked for proof to the same he replied that the hard copy will only be available in August and he cant produce anything till then.Then Iasked about the company letter and other documents which he replied will be obtained once the amount is paid. When I insisted on the topic and asked him how we can pay such an amount without any guarantee he got frustrated and started losing his cool. With that I became 101% convinced that he was a cheat.He said if interested I should pay and if not other guys are waiting.He added that there are thousands of institutes in India and he could easily take 3 to 4 lakhs from cadets after the RPSL approval is recieved."One lakh rupees is nothing compared to the present market scenario" he went on.The fool was digging his own pit blabbering stupidly.He stopped by saying that some cadet from our institute had already paid the money and signed.I left the place without much ado and could only laugh thinking about his performance.Scoundrel, he could have become a pick pocket or burglar instead.The chapter got over and two weeks later I recieved a mail from the college.It said
Dear cadets,
 Greetings from Institute of Nut Sciences!
The under mentioned person claims to be the Head of Department Admin/Recruitment IQ of PACIFIC SHIP INDIA PVT LTD German.He is asking for money as service charge for arranging placement.This company is not registered with D G Shipping.This person is not reliable and suspected to be involved in unlawful activities.Hence you are advised not to have any dealings with him. Please ignore any offer made by him.
Pawan H.Brar
Head of Department Admin/Recruitment IQ
Office No.61,Shagun Mall.
Opp,Oberoi Mall
Film city Road Goregaon East
Mumbai 400 000
Maharashtra India
Tele No - 022 28414700,40046638
Mobile No. 9833518416,9920714570
Web site :
I was stunned reading the mail.The same people who introduced the guy and asked everyone of us to contact him ASAP days ago tumbled 360 degrees.In a moment of uncertainty I would have agreed to their demands and paid the money.Thank god.It was a close shave.Between someone from our college fell in his trap. Poor guy, dont know what happened to him.The getting a job part is well clear but if he is smart enough he will somehow chase the cheaters and get his money back.Like I said it was a short summary of each and every cadet's interaction with the Nut science college, a complete disaster.They just played with our lives.Like they havent done enough.I dont think anything more should be stated here.Its all fate.After all no one ever protests against the college, isnt it???????