Seachest; MUMBAI MASALA -2

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After travelling across Mumbai for the past few days(mostly behind my uncle's 1996 model splendor and rarely riding the same and also my cousin's activa) I have made some curious observations about the road and traffic system of the big city.I had a thought of quoting the same as a comparison between Mumbai and good old Malluland as a matter of fact.(Its also a big pity that my uncle who gave the old santro's key every now and then hesitates to hand over the brand new polo to me and makes up a different story every time for not doing so).Well, here goes the tale:-
mumbai kerala comparison
           MUMBAI                                                   MALLULAND

        1.The concrete roads will dismantle     Back home we have roads made
        each and every nut in your body        of tar which give you the urge
        if and only if the million signal             to cruise(though you can't           
        lights let you speed.                           distinguish them from gutters
                                                                 and muddy pools most of the

     2.You cant do that in Mumbai because   If you don't have license and            the bloody traffic policemen will              other documents, all you have
      burn your butt.(They are provided       to do is cover your number plates
     with guns goddarnit)                            and flee.

     3.If you wanna reach somewhere fast        The roads in Kerala are much 
        you need to get training from Pakistan    like Mumbai with the oil 
       to sneak your bikes in beneath trucks       companies on strike.Kochi  
       above cars, on top of side-rails of             sometimes behave odd 
       bridges (and other people's heads too)      though.   
       and every inch you get.

    4.Wherever you look, you could find a         If you wanna find an avenger
      Bajaj avenger.Why do Mumbaikars so        better hire a CID.The model 
      love this Bike?To me its Mumbai's             is such a big flop there.You 
      most favourite two wheeler.                    could find more Ninjas and R1s.

    5.Like my uncle said when you are              All you need to do is honk till
       driving across rural Mumbai you need        your opponent's ear start 
       to watch your car, the cars which are    bleeding and you will get room
      parked even in the middle of the road        for sure.
      and the holy asses of the pedestrians.
      No matter what world war breaks out
      these guys seldom steps aside.  
                                        The most warm reaction that I could witness from the otherwise carefree public was beating a biker into pulp for running down someone.The whole of Andheri was chasing the guy.We could only sit and stare when the car in front of us hit a sudden brake only to get out and run behind the guy without even bothering about his luxury car and all the unfortunate drivers behind him who had to use all their energy to save getting bumped in to him.Catch you soon with more masti.Meanwhile fasten your seatbelts...
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