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NewDelhi: Hope you all are aware of the Kabotash law and related controversies which hinders the growth of India's one and only container transhipment terminal, the Vallarpadam project.If any of you are still not clear about what this Kabotash law stands for, here is the definition and your authentic answer.As per the Article 407(1) of the merchant shipping act 1958 no foreign flagged merchant vessels could conduct trade in the Indian coast.The transfer of cargo between ports is also not allowed.This is termed as Kabotash regulation.
              While neighbouring ports such as Colombo, Dubai etc are amassing profit solely by transshipping containers, the fate of the million dollar Vallarpadam project is to remain a spectator.Its such a shame to note that the terminal is fully equipped to handle container vessels in bulk.Its like our own law is stabbing us from behind leading to our profit getting robbed by other foreign ports.Following the public unrest in connection with the incident, the government had earlier promised to make amendment to the Kabotash law in order to remove the foolish regulation some months ago.But till date no strong action to that effect could be observed from the part of the UPA Government.
            The union shipping minister G.K.Vasan stated that the decision was yet to be made.The state of Kerala where the project is located is exerting much pressure to make things possible.Instead of filling their pockets in the name of spectrums and coal distribution all the time, its about time our ministers do something good for the country.Its high time you open your greedy eyes and realise the need of the hour.Shame on you. 
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