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It is one of the basic features of the Internet to aid in downloading stuff.The top priority in that goes to songs and mp3.Talking in that line doesn't mean that the task is as simple as it looks.If you are looking for a specific song say 'please dont stop the music' by Rihanna you cant just click on a link and download that very song like that.(If you don't believe me go on and search in Google for the song you want and see if you are able to download it easily.If it is happening kindly inform me and I will make you the owner of my blog.) Can you? Well yes you can if you are reading this post.No if you doesn't want to.That's about life.Where there is a will there is a way and a short cut too.
                            Now let me tell you about(Click the link below to go to) Its basically a sharing site where you can upload and store all your files and data.Its also a connecting juncture of numerous websites which are exclusively for downloading mp3.But the catch is that is such a user friendly platform that it lets you download any song on earth pretty easily.Till recently they didn't need any log in also.But now they are asking for a sign in using either of your Google, Yahoo, Facebook or twitter accounts(its not a waste of time because 4 shared is the biggest stockist of songs on earth.Once you sign up, you can make use of their incomparable service forever)
            This doesn't mean that you can simply go to, search for the song you are looking for and download.Does it?Well it does if you are reading this post, I repeat.(See what all you are gaining in a single shot?) There is a drawback in the site which could only be rectified making use of Google.The point is that the margin of error in 4 shared is too low that if you type 'plase don't stop the music' instead of 'please don't stop the music', the search result would simply refuse to appear.You can search for years but you wont get the song.So what I am telling is instead of doing all this, simply type the name of the song say 'Please dont stop the music'(or 'plase dun step tha masic' or 'plis doon stap tha myusic' or whatever crap you feel like) followed by the keyword and Google it.In that way you eliminate the word error factor.By clicking on the search results you will get the download link for your song.Just login using the account you have already created and you have your song mate...
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