RLINS cheaters irresponsible
Taking almost a million out of a poor cadet and denying him even the degree (let alone a job) is one thing.But to misguide that unfortunate soul in to the hands of cheaters (fraudulent agents) and spoiling his future once and for all doesn't deserve any pardon.This issue definitely needs attention and action my dear friends.You should know what ill-minded people your college authority are and upto what level they could descend to.
               Some days ago all of the 2011 passouts got a mail from the placement wing of our college. It was regarding an urgent requirement of deck cadets and junior engineers in a company by name PACIFIC SHIP INDIA GERMAN telling us to immediately contact one Mr.Pawan.Like the first drop of summer rain it was a huge relief to all the desperate cadets who couldn't find even a glimmer of a job anywhere after one long year.
              Let us have a look at that mail as it was sent:-

Dear Cadet,

You are advised to contact Mr. Pawan H.Brar at the following address immediately.

Mr. Pawan H.Brar
Head of Department Admin/Recruitment IQ
Office No.61,Shagun Mall.
Opp, Oberoi Mall
Film city Road Goregaon East
Mumbai 400 000
Maharashtra India

Tele No - 022 28414700,40046638
Mobile No. 9833518416,9920714570

Email Id :
Web site :

R. Rajendran
Seamanship Instructor
Looking after placement activity
R.L. Institute of Nautical Sciences, Madurai
Principal: +91-452-3918613 / +919500216106
Vice Principal: +91-452-3918644 / +919865706616
Office: +91-452-3918614 / +919894009578
Placement: +91-452-3918644 / +919944309581
Fax: +91-452-3918618

Regional Manager(Mumbai):
Mr. Vikas Kulkarni
Cell: +919819826912 / +919869547360

                          Most of us contacted the person and came to know that they will recruit cadets directly without any interview and will charge one lakh rupees as their fee which should be given once the medicals are over and the person is fit and another one lakh from the salary.It looked convincing enough but the foolish agent spoiled his made up reputation by calling repeatedly(He called me 7 times) and asking people to reach Mumbai quickly.When different guys called them they gave different replies.To me they said they will take 12 cadets, to one another friend of mine he said 40, to his dad they said 18 and like that it went on.That was enough for me to conclude that it was fraud enough.When I contacted the placement officer he said he couldn't guarantee anything and was being just a guide.he asked me to go there and visit the company and make sure everything is OK before giving money.When I checked the RPSL number they didn't have any.To that the fraud guy explained that they had already applied for RPSL and will get it soon.Ha ha..nice joke eh? Well I was planning to go to Mumbai anyway so I went there and visited the guy's office.It was a temporary set up and four guys where standing outside the 'Paanwala dukan jaisa' office and shoved everyone with their shirts tucked in inside the office.When I went nearby and asked for Pacific ship they asked for my name.When I said Anand they replied "Anand Kinayath hena karke".Lol I couldn't believe the guts the cheaters could muster.
                                                                                                    (To be continued)
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