Seachest; A CDC(Completely Devastating Certificate) tale - 3

CDc disappointed cadet
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The most devastating damage was regarding the CDC.The form 1 of my CDC application contained my old DOB.There was no going back.I was honestly in big big trouble.When I enquired about the procedure for correcting CDC I got replies which gave me nightmares."It will take an year maybe, nobody can help you, you should have thought about this before, its all your fault and you must clean your shit, blah..blah"..
            When I approached the psychotic placement officer he said with a cool air that its quite natural .You just apply with the present data and once you receive the CDC you can correct it easily .It may take only a day so don't you worry about it Attaboy !! psycho.To be frank the mad man's words soothed me a lot.Things went fine for a while, exactly till the date of form 2 submission.In the meantime I had already corrected my INDOS.
             Let us have a look at what our respected Vice principal had to say about my case:-
                    "What the hell man? What have u done?Is this child's play or what?How could you correct your DOB and all without informing the college? There is nothing more to be done.You wont be getting any CDC and I am helpless.There is only one thing I could say, you are in deep deep trouble. How can you correct INDOS and all.Your DOB is wrong in there too isn't it? Its a database run by the Government of India.And how can one person have two date of births.Its fake.It proves that you have done forgery.Its a criminal offence".To that I replied:-
                    "Sir, the damage has been done already.I admit.It was a clerical error from the part of my primary school.I am not  guilty in that. There was nothing else to be done.My birth certificate contained my original DOB which is contrasting to that in my tenth certificate.But it cannot be corrected.It was not possible for me to apply for passport without setting it right.I didn't do any malpractice and went through the proper channel.And the government educational board did the correction".He roared back:-
                   "No.You should have informed the college first and asked for guidance.You just did everything on your own.You may please leave now.You sort it out on your own."
                   Oh Gosh!!What have I done? What do I do?I was so tensed up that I couldn't think about anything.I consulted the psycho man yet again with tears in my eyes.He said its not a matter of concern."meanwhile you correct all the STCW certificates and all.The rest we can decide when the situation arises" and some philosophic bullshit.Everything was driving me crazy.I didn't have the courage to call my Dad who toiled day and night for many days even under the circumstances of severe illness in order to get the tenth certificate corrected.I didn't know what to tell him.One thing was definitely sure.The dark thunder clouds were waiting to pour above me with the sole intention of drowning my boat.See who is philosophical now? So long sailor..
                                                                          (To be continued)

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