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Its beyond words to express the disgust we poor RLINSians muster towards the morning PT and all other physical activities back in college.Well, who in their right minds would enjoy jumping up and down in the bloody snowy mornings, shaking the butts and running for lives instead of sleeping tight in the concrete beds.But didn't it all come in handy?Right now I regret cursing the dumb wardens round the clock and here is how it happened.
               Though most of the 2011 pass-outs of RL began their operation Mumbai pretty early, it took an year for me to even think about that.Its pretty confusing even for myself when I start the job hunt from Andheri to Nariman point, Parel to Jogeshwari much long after everyone called it quits.For the last five days I seriously desk surfed(The term is an invention of mine just like this stupid blog.It means going to various companies, pleading for job, eating all the bullshit they say and to submit one's resume for no purpose at all) most of the companies in Andheri.Its such a crap that these company are located miles away from each other(and that's how I understood how vast Andheri really is).I couldnt afford an auto rickshaw all the time because they charge you 12 bucks every time you enter.If I do that I sure will end up bankrupt within a month.So I did the next best thing.I walked.That was not all. Most of the companies maintained office in the higher stories.To my worst nightmare the goddarn lifts seldom brought the passengers down.The companies could easily wash their hands by putting a signboard telling
                            "use stairs for downward journey"
It was like I traversed almost 30 Kms and half a million steps in five days.And what drove me fellas?Not power diesel,not boost or complan, neither revital, nor roller skates and jetpacks.Its so simple that nobody would ever guess it. Hmm..Thanks to RLINS, the rocking morning PT, the superb wardens, the intelligent chintu and the resourceful physical training that I got, I never felt tired at any point of time.I actually felt so good.It was like completing a GTA mission.Courtesy Cheru's duckwalk, Rama's midnight rounds and push-ups, Vulgar's whatizz PTs, and Muthuvel & Ranga's psychologic attack I just got so strong.Like a sprinter who can run a marathon the RL 2008 engine is on a role.
              They couldnt give us a degree(let alone a job), a good time during the whole of three years, any relaxation in the academic evaluation or anything worth mentioning.But they just equipped us to be good job hunters. Now that you can walk without rest upto the Arctic in the north to the Atlantic in the south you will get a job later than sooner.All the best.....
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