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No rubbish intros, no boring trailers and no unnecessary time killers, dear reader.This is just a small tell tale starring good old Mumbaikars(Residents of Mumbai as a whole) aka the most strange yet unique community on earth.Lets have a look at what only Mumbaiwalas could possibly do and most importantly what only they couldn't do.You people from Mumbai don't get annoyed, afterall this is just a mallu's point of view. 

  • Youngsters of Mumbai are the world's greatest lovers.Nowhere else have I seen such serious affection and such wild gestures too in the same time.Its like guys and girls can't spare a minute without their mate's presence(My first guess was that these people were really afraid if their partner would cheat once given a free second)Its as if thier whole day is spent on the headsets talking.Let me throw some light towards a curious experience that I had.While commuting from Andheri to Bhandup (onboard B.E.S.T No.545) once, I noticed the guy sitting near to me going on with his chatter(romancing with his darling for sure or anxiously discussing about the world's future) throughout the journey.He not only amazed me by not allowing a word of what he spoke from falling in my big ears, though how hard I tried to listen.It was sheer skill and experience.What a babe he was, not disturbing even a fly.Hats off to him. 
  • The B.E.S.T bus service which rules the Mumbai roads wont accept 500 rupee notes.If you are having just a five hundred rupee not in your purse like me, better get down before you get kicked out.

"Chalo pude, paanch Hajaar ka chutta deta hu,

par paanch sau nahi chalega"
  • Though how hard I tried, I have been unsuccessful yet to win a third look from the beauties of Mumbai.With five times less the effort back home. I would have been Emraan hashmi...Wooooww..
  • The last time I came here, everyone one of these crazy individuals wore sunglasses and I remained the odd man out.When I managed a pair of shades this time the trend had already changed.Even King khan is not wearing glasses anymore, tough bad luck.
                                                  (See you soon with more crazy stuff)

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