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If you have got a GPS supportive mobile phone and little common sense you can create wonders.What if there is something which locates where you wanna go and actually tells you how to reach there how awesome will it be.Think about the time and money that you can save.This is just a summary ladies and gentlemen.
google maps GPS         Now lets dig deep into what the Global positioning system when incorporated with an android smartphone can deliver.Its the wonderful world of Google maps.The most important feature as far as I am concerned is the directions.You only need to enter your present location(or simply select my location option and the GPS will lock your position on the map) and the destination.There are three modes to select from such as by walk, car or public transport.Once you select whichever is required, the route will appear on the map.Each of the small turns and signals will appear alongside with step to step instructions.You can monitor your progress towards the destination from time to time by checking on the map and rectify if required.Your current location will appear as a blue blip.If the public transport mode is chosen, the bus number, location to board and unboard, time of departure etc will be available.The software automatically finds out most of the place names while you try to feed in the data.
        The common sense factor also has got much relevance while navigating using GPS.It may not detect shortcuts and high bridges and may provide the data as if your destination is really far from where it actually is.One should also be careful about the ambiguity factor because many places with the same name may be in existence and you might not always end up with what you actually require. 

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