If I had today's insight and wisdom some four years ago, I wouldnt even have thought of the BS Nautical Technology degree that I completed already and which also is the reason for me ending up jobless and wasted.There are probably thousands of devastated candidates (almost 90% of my college mates) like me who will agree to this after the long and tiring fruitless search for a job.As a counter measure, the only thing the authorities did was to stop BS NT and Indian Maritime University's DNS courses from last year onwards.This couldnt do anything to help the jobless cadets who roam cities like Mumbai and Chennai in search of agents.
                        Lets now have a look at some curious tales from my neighbour-hood.My near neighbour who is a private financier (blade as everyone calls him) makes10,000 per month from each of the 100,000 rupees that he had provided the needy as loans.(at a rate of 10% interest).Some years ago the people who claim themselves as the leaders of the town questioned this system and protested vehemently.But today those guys are the front runners in this business.With the 9 lakhs that I have already spent for completing the course and the 4 that I need further to get onboard I could have earned 1,20000 minimum per month.It would see me sitting at home and relaxing without any worries about future, so calm and content.
                       Moving on to another case, a friend of mine who completed engineering in Electronics and communication couldnt find a job anywhere even after trying for long.Just like the present day merchant navy, B tech ECE also had a boom for a while and came down tumbling with much stronger impact all of a sudden.Some people, like my own brother who is working in Qatar with formidable facilities, got lucky though.Then our guy applied for the Postal assistant's post (Indian postal department) which needs only your plus two (higher secondary) as qualification.he got the job and right now earns 17,000 Rs monthly as salary + all other incentives + the pride of a central government job.See what his qualification is and what his job is.
                I am gonna end this article with one more incident.A guy in my locality took a diploma in Automobile engineering.After writing some simple examination he got the job as Assistant Motor Vehicles Inspector. Whenever there was a vehicle test (held three times a week) he earned more than 5 grands.The salary and other bonuses are yet to be considered.When he got promoted to the next level you could guess his income from all the sources(both legal and illegal).Some guys in here have reported to see him bringing money in gunny bags and sacks when he was on duty in Valayar checkpost(Kerala-tamilnadu border).He has the authority of a sub inspector and the power to stop and inspect any vehicle that runs in our locality.Well what more could one ask for????
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