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Samsung Galaxy y duos review
       Let me begin with some good news (atleast for me).Its been like two and a half months since I bought the phone.Till now there is no trouble of the cell getting hung.I was scared while buying the set as most of my friends who got experience with dual sim phones warned me about the problem.So far so good. Next thing is anout the battery.If there isnt rigorous use you will get standby for minimum 40 hours.Even after uninterrupted gaming and web surfing I got 14 hours backup.With the battery saver app on, its a little bit on the higher side.
        One of the most notable drawbacks is the flash.If that too have been there the mobile would have been almost perfect.I will give 1000 bucks more for flash in my set.Another thing is that the camera is almost blind at night (even under well lighted environments).Even Nokia's C100 and other entry level models do a decent job capturing images and videos at night in lighted conditions.Its something the company should seriously consider  about.A contrasting factor is that the 2.0 MP cam in alower model is much better than this 3.0 and this matter really troubles me.
         In the meantime I had an issue of my SD card getting undetected unexpectedly and all the apps saved in it getting disappeared. Those icons vanished sometimes even without the card getting undetected and unmounting and re-mounting it did the trick.Maybe its a virus issue but when a friend of mine who uses a galaxy Y also raised the same problem I am not sure about it.I didnt format my card though.One another flaw is the disability to watch live TV.I have read somewhere that even higher models like ACE doesnt support live TV.I am yet to conduct some research on the topic, so my find is not authentic.Last but not the least,the set supports only low HD(360 P) videos.Still the clarity is fine.
        Thus when considered overall the merits stand a bit taller than the demerits.The drawbacks are all less complicated (except camera performance at night) for an economic model.Thats it for now.See you next month with more..     
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