Seachest; The RL mms -7

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The RL mms....(alias some sad stories)
disappointed cadet mobile caught
Its a pretty wise saying that one who has yellow fever sees everything as yellow.That was the perfect understatement of my life in RL till date.It was my misfortune to die every moment out of anxiety solely because of those mobile dramas.In no point of time was I at peace of heart thanks to my own foolishness and the cruelty of the wardens.
                  One day my classmate Shyamsunder came tumbling towards me(like his back was on fire) as if the blood in his fat cheeks were drained off.He uttered between long gasps of breath that Naga had handed over his set to Vulgar.I just had the feeling of a lethal blow being struck at the back of my head and I sat there petrified.If shyam's was transfered mine surely would have reached the goal too.Without bothering to eat even one old Roti, I retreated to my cabin with a heart as heavy as if iron pellets were filled inside the four chambers.It was such a strange and familiar feeling at the same time.When the dark cloud cleared away without caring to pour, almost a week of my happiness was stripped off.It turned out that Vulgar had simply threatened him only for the fun of it.And my situation was just like a cat which fell in hot milk.The only difference was that I had to fear cool milk and cool RO too.
                  In the days that came by, Naga showed some humanity and everyone expected him to give the sets back.It was then that an unexpected move shoved all our hopes into shambles.An extraordinary gentleman picked his lock and stole confiscated mobile from inside the smelly cabin while the snake was away.It was a pity that I couldn't even muster the courage to do any such feat.The one who dared got rewarded for his recklessness, to be frank.Still Naga searched more and more cabins(maybe to make up for the lost ground), caught more and more mobile phones and rose all of a sudden to the most notorious warden's post.Thus the stinky guy whom everyone disrespected and even teased became the new terror mantra.The fellows who laughed at me for saluting Naga,spent hours infront of his closed door pleading for mercy and mobile.
                  Meanwhile I still couldnt gather the courage to tell my parents about the 15th phone getting lost.I adjusted with a friend's set and battled hard making stories to convince my dad.days passed and it was two days before the end of the fifth sem.I went down to the ground floor to fetch water and made a visit to Malku's cabin.While talking about numerous other stuff I made a mention of Nagu and the mobile.The monster was in a pretty good mood lately and everyone believed that he would certainly give back the sets while going home for the sem holidays.I was about to go and talk to Nagu later that night about the stuff but there was no need for it at all.The dirty tooth uttered the horrible truth.All the handsets caught by Naga was handed over to the college authority as unclaimed property.In short no one will get back their mobiles though there was no need to pay any fine.
                  It was an unexpected stab at an unexpected time and Naga outsmarted everyone once and for all....
                                                                                (To be continued)

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