Seachest; A CDC(Completely Devastating Certificate) tale - 2

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CDC life failure DOB change
When the matter was noticed at first I was not aware of the consequences of it.My utmost concern was about the 10th certificate getting corrected soon.My dad tried his best to bribe the village officials to secretly correct the date of birth in my birth certificate from 11th to 16th of May.But the buggers refused claiming themselves to be strict followers of Mahathma Gandhi.Never expected such a response in this millenium, let me tell you.(Goverment officers refusing bribes in India.I am not lying sirs.I am not...yikes..Can you believe this atleast for the sake of the tale, please?)
  There was an option to make up for the contrast in date of births by presenting a notary affidavit while applying for the passport.But there was a recent issue in my state of an M.L.A getting stripped off his chair because of a DOB related allegation.Thus there was the concern of the matter becoming a sore in the eye in future.Thus without thinking deep we took the sword and did the formalities to correct the date in my tenth certificate and boy that was the greatest mistake ever in my whole life.(I bet my dad would say this life, the previous one and all that are about to come)
                  Doing that at the time was like climbing mount everest, added to the fact that I was away at college and my poor dad was only recovering from a heart attack.But the man of action that he is, didnt rest at all till he got every bit of paperwork ready.I dont know how many times he had to travel back and forth to my school, the village office, the government press, the advocate, the notary, the stamp vendor and numerous other places to finish the drill.It was such a nasty loop in the system to require the sibling's documents(birth certificate, 10th cert. and so on) for correcting one's tenth certificate.It felt like the process might require an eternity.Finally he met the private assistant to our M.L.A(a friend of his) and accelerated the whole process.When this was completed we finally got some much yearned for relief.
                   It went on like that for some days till I noticed one unfortunate evening that the DOB in all my college data was the old one(the uncorrected date of 16th may) and darn I was in waist deep shit.It was one date in my passport and tenth certificate and another in my STCW certificates, INDOS, college records and the CDC that was about to come could only bear that wrong date as the Form 1 of the application had already been submitted with that data.I felt like a complete failure and could only think of running away from the terrible college and my horrible life...
                                                                          (To be continued)

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