Seachest; a CDC(Completely Devastating certificate) tale

CDC deck cadet devastating
After the comparitively successful runs of most of the series including Rl mms, mallu in the big city and all in cowsegg here comes yet another boring saga of stories.I would like to call it 'a CDC tale'.Its the tale of how much my dear dad suffered (its so hard even to imagine, I am telling you) so that my Continuous Discharge Certificate cum seafarer's identity document (CDC) got the approval from Mumbai MMD.
            It began exactly 18 years ago when my dad admitted me in Kintergarden.When he told my date of birth to the school authority, he made a small but terrible mistake.Instead of my birthdate which is the 11th of May, he said 16th (getting confused with my bro's DOB which is 16th of Aug).When he did, he never would have imagined the annihilation which was just being unleashed.He has regreted that careless mistake almost one million, 7 lakh ,18 thousand, 4 hundred and 8 times already even after everything was set right and I got the CDC.
            When I completed tenth and applied for the transfer certificate, the variation came into our notice.When we mentioned the case to the headmaster, he replied that nothing can be done to that effect by the school and it should be corrected in the proper channel after getting due approval from the government He also added that there would be no need to do that and the five days gained may come in handy sometime or the other in life.The birth certificate was not being asked for as a supporting document for any purpose during that time.Thus we took his word for it and completely left the case.
             Nothing was wrong till I joined college and reached the second year of my was the time when everyone applied for passport in RlINS.By the time, the Kerala government had made it a rule that candidates born after 1988 have to produce thier birth certificate as a supporting document while applying for P.P.Well, well, well..My goddarn certificates had a variation in DOB and boy were I in trouble?It was where it all began.The beginning of the end......
                                                                    (Wait for the real action)
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