9 JOBLESS MONTHS PASSES BY AND MY WHOLE BODY IS ON FIRE (Written in 3 minutes out of sheer frustration & disappointment)

Jobless cadet 9 months
What are we supposed to do dear management?The next batch of cadets will pass out in one month or so and there is not even a glimmer of hope yet of finding a job.There is no door left to knock and let me remind you that we are not aspiring actors looking for a chance to act.We paid more than 9 lakhs and toiled day and night for three years without good food and freedom.When even guys with BA and BCom are finding jobs (atleast for namesake) we would have to rob banks or be fortunate enough to win a lottery to find the four lakhs bribe for agents.Can you take some action so that we could atleast get our degree certificates?
                   This is a democracy and there is a law system here.Its high time you guys take some steps to get us placed.You cant always blame it on the bloody recession.Last month I met a second engineer who is working in Maersk.He is a distant relative of mine and an experienced seaman who often takes his family onboard.You know what he told me when I requested him to recommend me in his company? He told straight away that Maersk is selecting cadets only from AMET.When I insisted, he sent a mail to his boss who reverted back from Copenhagen in a matter of minutes that there is no way.
                  The list of cadets returning home after spending fruitless months in Mumbai is vast.One shipping company manager who promised me of a job within 2 weeks when I met him 8 months ago is still lost in thought(lol, I dont know why else he isnt replying).One another person working in the field said his company is only selecting cadets from Great eastern pre sea institute.Even after my uncle (who is a friend of this guy for more than 40 years) requested him many times, he flatly said not possible.Its like my life will end waiting for the odd phone call which would never come.When I met another Master mariner working for Reliance (gas tankers which sail close to Indian coast) he advised me not to lose hope.When I saw him for the first time, he was confident that he can find a way.But after 6 months he has nothing more to say.    
               An agent whom I met two months back promised me a ship in 2 days for 4 lakhs.After the 9.5 I had already spent, how can I even approach my dad with the issue.These are the heartbroken quotes of a desperate youth who has the hope of many lives on his shoulders.Open your eyes and see dear management and tell me what I should do....
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