psycho placement cadets
Eventhough we have had many visions of the P-man's dumb activities, that particular day was a once in a lifetime treat.To begin with, he mustered us and gave detailed instructions with the air of a naval commander addressing his subordinates.After the long speech, he retreated to his office and there began 'uncle podger hangs a picture'.
                   After getting to his seat and pressing some keys in his computer( playing pinball I guess), he got up and switched on a fan.He came back to his seat, acted like checking something serious on the screen , stood up again and paced towards his assistant's empty chair.There also he did something on the computer and got up once again.While we were watching charlie Chaplin live, though dumbstruck, the crazy fellow switched off the fan which was working and put on another one.He retreated to his original seat, yet again worked something on the computer (hopefully drawing a picture in MS paint, lol) and finally came out of the room with the command of some military admiral who had accomplished a deadly mission.Whenever he cam out, we all had to stand steady in attention While he was doing all those bullshit inside, we got plenty of time to bend our backs and recline on the wall.Some heroes were sitting on the floor and relaxing as if they were on vacation.
             He put few steps towards the stair and suddenly turned back as if he forgot something pretty important.he went inside and switched off the fan.He stepped outside and this time paced towards VP's room.he almost went inside, gave a sharp salute to VP, uttered more than necessary "yes sir"s and started toward the bathroom.Yet again he stopped midway and reverted to his room.This time it was only to close the door.Most of NSC's notorious personalities (only Dawood Ibrahim and Chota rajan were not present)
were paraded right outside his secret service outpost and no one can blame him if he foresaw some handy work.He began from where he stopped and trod towards the loo.Oops!! what the hell's wrong with this guy.He was driving all the spectators real crazy.He turned back for the umpteenth time and after finding time to scold some of us who were swaying, he hurried downstairs.Finally we got some breathing time, goddamnit.When we eased a bit and started abusing him in all 28 Indian languages, to our greatest shock and terror, he appeared right in front of us from simply nowhere.I was sure that he had overheard what we were murmuring and that he was about to deliver the ultimate punishment.Anxious moments passed by.But the intelligent man that he was and will always remain, he didnt even acknowledge our presence and hurried to his room.
             When he came outside with two water bottles in hand, the scene turned into a sea of laughter.Everyone laughed and screamed like there was no tomorrow, even forgetting what harsh punishment the outcome of it would be......
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