How to computer repair
Hope the first part of this series came in handy to atleast one of you readers.As the segment continues the platform shifts from software to hardware this time. Here we can discuss a few basic problems of the computer and methods to correct it.In this era its much more cool to do such stuff on our own than to unnecessarily spend money on service assistance.Thus we will have the confidence that even if whatever happens to the system at any time of the day we can do something to set it right.There have been numerous times when there was an urgent mail to be sent and there was no way to repair the computer as it was post office hours, meaning no expert help till next morning.Here is an attempt to avoid such situations.
                  The first and foremost error we are gonna discuss is regarding your system not getting booted.The primary display showing the mother board company name will be the only visible thing and there will be a small peculiar sound from the CPU.The system will not turn on and instead of cursing it all we have to do is grab a screw driver, disconnect the CPU unit and remove its side cover.In the RAM slot u will find one or two green IC chip boards in rectangular size commonly known as random access memory or RAM.Press on the two ends of the stopper clip and remove the chip.Clean it by wiping thoroughly with a clean cloth.Make sure that the dust is completely removed. Replace it properly and re-assemble the CPU.Once you switch on, the computer will work as if normal.
                       Other problems include your moniter not getting detected and that is a much common occurrance.That can be rectified simply by removing the connection wire and reconnecting it.Dont laugh at this as you may have experienced the same problem and the service personel would have simply connected the wire and received his huge payment without you knowing it.In some other cases the mouse gets undetected.Virus action normally leads to that problem and it can be rectified with a proper malware scan.
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