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Well, well, well…What do you say now buster? Its about time you quit scolding us poor mobile-maniacs, who seldom leave our handsets behind.Its a magical world out there, believe it or not.There is everything one could visibly ask for.First of all what you need is a smart phone, low-cost or hi-fi it doesn’t matter (Samsung Galaxy Y is available for a cheap rate of 7300 bucks or so though I personally use and recommend galaxy Y duos which has a wider screen and whole lot of cool stuff for just 2000 bucks extra).Android is the recommended OS, but Windows and Symbian will also do( its about time you throw away your old java model).You have got everything ready if you are able to stream 3G too.(Wi-Fi will be more than fine as any other operator will not allow live TV and other things in full throttle.)
                 There are thousands of applications available on various topics such as health, education, sports, entertainment, facts and what not.There are even mosquito repellants and sleep inducers  in the market all set to serve you.Its more of a multi-purpose sophisticated gadget rather than the past generation’s ‘call & SMS only’ phone.The predecessor in the store business is Nokia.They started serving their users much long time ago via OVI store and it became a huge sensation.That was the time when they were the monopoly in the trade.When Samsung took over, they brought along Google’s android into play.The so called ‘play store’ became an overnight sensation.The range of apps available in the market is one too many and is unimaginable at the same time.
                  Ranging from health guides, games, mobile security & anti-malware, fun apps, video & live TV, cool widgets, business, sports, careers, free sms apps, voice to text converters, activities & puzzles and much much more than you could ever imagine.To say everything in a go will be unwise and impossible.What I wanna tell you all is grab a phone and start browsing through the stores right away.Leave your computer screens and get hold of one smart phone now itself and rock on….
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