The wave of relief hits home

Royalgrace hijacked sailor Midhun
Kerala, India: The call of relief has finally brought showers of joy and hope to the aching hearts of the dear ones as the Indian seamen who were hijacked by Somalian pirates gets in contact after long days of despair.After eight weeks of the vessel getting hijacked, Midhun (son of Panamanna Ambalavattam Kottekkatinmel Chandran) brought tears of joy to his anxious mother Vinodini’s eyes with a short phonecall.It only lasted a few seconds but he passed the message that He and the others were safe onboard and that there is nothing to worry.His mother was not able to ask anything further.The UAE vessel was hijacked two months ago off the coast of Oman and the negotiations to rescue the detained seamen by paying ransom are not anywhere ashore.
                    Another Indian infact another Keralite who is onboard, Manesh Mohan of Kollam also made a call.He also conveyed the message that the crew are safe and he warned his father not to call to that number without notice.It was recently spread in the internet that the seamen were not safe and were facing severe hardships from the pirates.The latest developments has brought about much anticipated relief to the family members under circumstances of agony resulting from the news.17 Indians are reported to be onboard the vessel but the attempts to rescue them were not fruitful till now.In the coming days we can definitely hope for some glad news and lets do pray for our dear brothers.
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                  Sailors onboard MV Royal Grace starving 
                UAE vessel M.V Royalgrace hijacked by Somalian pirates      

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